Is your dog not getting along with your kid?

Understand why your dog might not be so crazy about kiddos, how to identify your dog's triggers, and how to teach your dog to cope with #kidlife

What You'll Learn

Some of the key topics and lessons this course covers.

  • Keep everyone safer starting TONIGHT!

  • Teach your dog what you want using the most effective methods

  • Understand why your dog behaves the way that he does

  • Care for your dog’s emotional and physical well-being so that he’s more optimistic about the world

  • Teach your dog that concerning or upsetting things (like kids) are actually awesome

  • Help kids learn to interact safely with your dog.


IAABC-Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Kayla Fratt

As an IAABC-Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Kayla has long held a deep-rooted passion for dog training and behavior, prioritizing effective and humane training techniques that will not only help you train your dog, but build your relationship as well. Enroll in our online dog training class to benefit from Kayla's rich dog training experience and learn to foster a deep bond with your canine companion, rooted in mutual respect and understanding.

How the course works

  • Self-Study Instruction

    This course is self-study. Start when you can, and finish at your own pace. There’s no deadline to finish the course, so it works well even for busy schedules!

  • $60 One-Time Fee

    This comprehensive course costs just $60. It’s a one-time fee, and you’ll have lifetime access to the course!

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    Decide the course isn’t for you? Contact us within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

  • 6 Weeks of Learning

    The class is designed to be done over the course of six weeks, but you can progress at your leisure.

  • Written & Video Material

    This course consists of weekly video training lectures, demonstrations, written lectures, and quizzes to test your learning.

  • Taught By Certified Behaviorist

    Your instructor for this course is IAABC-certified dog behavior expert Kayla Fratt, who has worked with thousands of fearful, defensive, aggressive, and reactive dogs during her time as a private dog behavior consult

Recognize warning signs to prevent bites

Learn how to educate children on dog body language and teach them when to give a dog space. This can go a long way towards preventing a bite from happening!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Meet Your Instructor

  • 2

    Safety First

    • Management: Keeping Kids Safe Starting NOW

    • How to Triage When Things Go Wrong

    • Why Does My Dog Dislike Kids?

    • Homework

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Reading Your Dog's Body Language

    • Why Is Body Language Important?

    • Body Language Basics

    • Calming Signals

    • Let's Practice

    • Let's Practice

    • Let's Practice

    • Let's Practice

    • Additional Resources

    • Homework

    • Quiz

  • 4

    Triggers & Thresholds

    • Definitions

    • A Human Example

    • Trigger Stacking

    • Trigger Stacking in Dogs

    • Homework

  • 5

    Changing How Your Dog Feels About Kids.

    • Counterconditioning and Desensitisation - Say What?

    • How it Works.

    • Desensitization

    • Counterconditioning

    • Example One

    • Example Two

    • Key Ideas

    • Common Counterconditioning and Desensitization Mistakes to Avoid

    • Using Stationing to Keep Kids Safe During Training

    • Homework

    • Quiz

  • 6

    Teaching New Skills

    • How Dogs Learn

    • Interrupting Behaviors with Hand Targets

    • How We Can Teach Our Dogs to Do What We Want.

    • Let's Talk About Muzzles!

    • Homework

    • Quiz

  • 7

    What is Best for My Dog?

    • How Dangerous is My Dog and Can I Keep Her?

    • Homework

    • Quiz

  • 8

    Educating Your Dog AND Your Kids.

    • How SHOULD my kids interact with my dog?

    • Treat and Retreat

    • Mat Training

    • Discussion Time!

  • 9

    Giving Your Dog the Right Guidance

    • Beyond Counterconditioning...Teaching Your Dog What To Do Instead of Aggressing

    • Reward Your Dog for Backing Away

    • Keeping Dogs Happy

    • Nosework

    • Decompress Your Dog

  • 10


    • We're Done!


  • Who is the instructor for this course and what are their qualifications?

    Your instructor for this course is Kayla Fratt, who is a certified dog behavior consultant accredited through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She is a highly-qualified and credentialed dog trainer and animal behavior consultant with years of experience working with private clients, shelter animals, and working dogs.

  • Who should I contact if I have order issues or questions?

    For any issues with your order or questions about the course, you can contact info(at)journeydogtraining(dot)com and a customer service member will get back to you ASAP.

  • What if I don’t like the course? Do you offer refunds?

    Yes – you have 30 days to try out the course and see if it’s a good fit for you. Reach out to our customer service team within 30 days from your initial purchase date and get a full refund, no questions asked, if for whatever reason you’re not happy with the course.

  • Where do I access the course?

    Our course uses Thinkific’s online education course platform, so once you set up an account and purchase the course, just continue to visit Keeping Kids Safe and Dogs Happy course page to continue your lessons.

  • How long do I have to access the course once I purchase it?

    The course is yours forever! You’ll get full access to the entire course and all text and video assets once you make the one-time purchase. After that, go through the course at your own pace. There is no ongoing monthly fee or membership required.